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Friday, February 16, 2007

ColdFusion Scorpio

Scorpio is the code name for the next major release of ColdFusion from Adobe. This site will allow the product team to keep you informed on the project while we work towards release in 2007.

New things we might have in the new version:
  • For engaging applications, we demonstrated a new image manipulation functionality providing both low and high level processing of images with the addition of over 50 functions to the CFML language.
  • For server management and troubleshooting, we demonstrated the new Scorpio “server monitor” feature. This web application (which uses Adobe Flex 2, incidentally!) simplifies analyzing problems during development, helps identify performance bottlenecks on production servers, and allows administrators to monitor overall server health and be alerted if something goes wrong.
  • For more advanced enterprise integration, we demonstrated the ability for ColdFusion applications to natively access .NET objects.

More details here


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